Dating 101

How do I even have the nerve to give an unofficial manual about something I've never even officially experienced in my lifetime? Heck, how do I even talk about something I've failed so miserably in my previous attempts? Welp, after yesterday's heartbreaking piece (click here if y'all wanna cry again), I figured lightening up the [...]


The Perfect Closure Here, a lil' sumthin' to make y'all cry while reading. I'll admit, it wasn't easy going after you. All these years of courting, flirting and hangin' out, all for you to just say no to me in the end. The moment I told you how I felt, I knew I didn't have control anymore [...]

To the person who is afraid to let go

There are no two words in the English language more harmful than “Let Go”. Let’s face it, ayaw natin bitawan yung mga tao’t bagay na mahahalaga sa ating buhay (We never wanna let go of the significant people and things in our lives). But, as my brother would say, “It be like that sometimes”. I’m [...]