Midyear Checkpoint: 183 Down, 183 to Go

Before you guys start reading this, take a breath. Trust me, I did so myself before writing this piece. It’s been an eventful year so far to say the least, and for all the wrong reasons too, mind you. I know y’all are physically, mentally, and emotionally tired as I am. I’ve got some good [...]


Salvaging 2020 & Surviving Social Media Slander

Ctto: Photo not mine Whew. It’s been a rough week. Heck, that’s an understatement. It’s been a rough year. To this day, our world has dealt with riots, uprisings and so much division among the people. It’s heartbreaking to see how polarizing this world has become in a time where we all need to be [...]

JaNEWary: New Year, Better Me

Reflections, mini-Rants, Ramblings and Resolutions “New Year, New Me”??? Honestly, it’s time to scrap that cliché and overused phrase when we usher in the New Year. Sure, we have a ton of resolutions, but do we really wanna pull a complete 180 and become totally different persons? Honestly, in my opinion, the title above has [...]