To January,

Saying how you were one heck of a month is the understatement of the year. We’ve seen it all from a global landscape. We rumored the possibility of a 3rd worldwide war. We also witnessed natural calamities of worldwide proportions from the wildfires down under and the volcanic eruption in the neighboring province beside Metro Manila. To this day, we are currently suffering from a worldwide epidemic which does not have a legitimate cure as of right now. And to top this all off, we lost a worldwide icon along with his daughter and 7 other people from a helicopter crash at the hills of Calabasas exactly a week ago.

As much as we try to look for silver linings, how exactly can we find them in the magnitude of these catastrophic events? How do we see the light from the tunnel of disaster that World War III can potentially bring? How do we extinguish the Australia fires, one that is as big, if not bigger, than the city of Manhattan? How do we even tell ourselves that it’s a wonderful day to go outside amidst the spewing ash from Taal, and the poor air as a result from the Corona virus? As a basketball fan, how am I going to move on from the death of the beloved Kobe Bryant even though I was his biggest hater growing up? With all these questions surrounding my head, and most possibly 7 billion others, we pick up our bearings and carry on. There’s no use turning back the clock. We can’t change what happened in the past. But we can certainly change what will happen in the present and future.

On to the next month we go.

To February,

I’m not asking you to be better. I’m not requesting you to not suck anymore just like your seemingly evil twin brother. I’m not asking anything from you. On the contrary, it’s on us to make you a better month. My brother keeps repeating that “TIME IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT”. It seems like laughable because of the amount of meme value it has, but this rings more true today than it ever did centuries ago. What we do doesn’t dictate how bad a month or year is. Y’all are just a placeholder in this man-made calendar. If anything, we made ourselves look bad each passing day. Of course natural disasters and accidents are inevitable and beyond our control, but as the late great Kobe Bryant (wow saying that still doesn’t make sense to now) said, it’s what we have control of that matters more than anything else.

You’re known for being the love month, but in a world where there’s so much hate, division and polarizing beliefs, we need to show a different kind of love this time around. Pink roses and expensive dinner dates ain’t gonna cut it this time around. In a world where social prejudice is the norm, giving away your only mask to the old lady who needs it more is more powerful than any form of PDA you do with your partner. Pulling up NBA 2K20 and paying different tributes to the Black Mamba as a whole community is proof that the Internet is such a beautiful place if we’re not being huge jerks to one another. Driving all the way to evacuation sites amidst the ashfall and shadows of death killing you softly, is what love is all about.

So February, to hell with all those dates and annoying love notes. May we all do better in being human beings and loving one another so that you will be better. 2020 ain’t over. If anything, it’s only getting started.

Yours Truly,

D.E.L. R.O.


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