Midyear Checkpoint: 183 Down, 183 to Go

Before you guys start reading this, take a breath. Trust me, I did so myself before writing this piece. It’s been an eventful year so far to say the least, and for all the wrong reasons too, mind you. I know y’all are physically, mentally, and emotionally tired as I am. I’ve got some good [...]


MAY I Tell You about My Favorite Month

Ctto: Photo not mine Disclaimer: No puns were intended in the title and the rest of this blog post. Let’s keep it real and be honest with ourselves. We’ve completely lost track of the days. Sure, for most of us, work still continues. However, being cooped up in our respective homes for an extended period [...]

The Grass is Green on Both Sides

I’m sure y’all have heard of the term “The grass is greener on the other side.” Honestly, with constant bombardment from and exposure to social media, this rings true for our generation (and maybe even the older folks as well). We catch ourselves peeking at other people’s lives, lamenting what we don’t have in the [...]