LA’s Divine Feminines

Lauren London (left) and Vanessa Bryant (right) Photos not mine Divine Feminine "aspect of the self associated with 'creation, intuition, community, sensuality (felt sense rather than thinking sense), and collaboration.'" (Kingsbury 2017) represents the connection to the part of your consciousness responsible for nurture, intuition, and empathy, regardless of your gender (Source: Click here) Lately, [...]


The Perfect Closure Here, a lil' sumthin' to make y'all cry while reading. I'll admit, it wasn't easy going after you. All these years of courting, flirting and hangin' out, all for you to just say no to me in the end. The moment I told you how I felt, I knew I didn't have control anymore [...]

Tao ka din pala, Taal

Minamahal kong Taal, Circa 2009 Kamusta na? Isang linggo na ang nakalipas nang bumuga ka ng abo't lahar na nagpausok sa buong Timog Luzon pati na rin ang kalakhang Maynila. Grabe ka noh? Tao ka din pala. Nagagalit, nalulungkot, pero higit sa lahat, hindi mahulaan. Isip-tao ka talaga. Mas matalino ka pa nga kaysa sa [...]

JaNEWary: New Year, Better Me

Reflections, mini-Rants, Ramblings and Resolutions “New Year, New Me”??? Honestly, it’s time to scrap that cliché and overused phrase when we usher in the New Year. Sure, we have a ton of resolutions, but do we really wanna pull a complete 180 and become totally different persons? Honestly, in my opinion, the title above has [...]