LA’s Divine Feminines

Lauren London (left) and Vanessa Bryant (right)
Photos not mine

Divine Feminine

  • “aspect of the self associated with ‘creation, intuition, community, sensuality (felt sense rather than thinking sense), and collaboration.'” (Kingsbury 2017)
  • represents the connection to the part of your consciousness responsible for nurture, intuition, and empathy, regardless of your gender (Source: Click here)

Lately, Los Angeles has been shaken to its core. The city of angels has not been able to catch a break. Nearly a year ago, we lost Nipsey Hussle, this generation’s 2Pac. It was an unexpected passing away just because of the nature of his death, a surprise attack if you will in his own clothing store. Over a month has passed since the whole world lost a global icon in Kobe Bryant. To this day, I still pretend it never happened, hoping this is some prolonged nightmare from some sort of coma I obviously don’t have. Both their deaths were untimely, unexpected and unfair. They’re so unlikely to happen to the point that the probability of it actually happening is one in a million. Imagine losing your lives from doing one of your many everyday routines.

Enter Lauren London and Vanessa Bryant, two women, wives, and now, widows. If ordinary fans like me still feel affected by their recent passing, I can’t imagine how much their pain is doubled, tripled, even quadrupled. Picture yourself losing a husband or wife just because he/she was shot by someone who can’t overcome the hate in his heart. Try waking up to the news that you lose both your husband and daughter on the very same day by a clickbait-ish news agency. Hard to imagine, right? Last Time That I Checc’d, these things only happen in our worst nightmares. Well I’ve got some news for y’all. Both Lauren and Vanessa just underwent all that and then some, and now they have to put up with this nonsense for the rest of their lives. Simply put, these wonderful soulful women, along with the rest of us, did not deserve this s*** to happen.

It’s easy to lose the faith. It’s even understandable in this day and age wherein mental health problems are at its peak. The emotional pain of losing someone near and dear to you may be too much to handle. The weight of these tragedies may be too heavy to bear for their strong yet fragile shoulders. Simply put, they could have given up in life. However, they chose to stay defiant, just like how their late husbands were defiant to society’s norms and prejudices. My respect for them massively grew when they had the courage and bravery to speak in front of thousands during their respective memorial services. As respectful fans, we would have been completely fine if they kept their privacy from the media. But again, they chose to stay defiant.

Lauren vowed to continue the marathon Nipsey left behind after that emotionally draining speech. Vanessa held back tears, unleashed her husband’s Mamba Mentality by going on with her tribute, and gave a Kobe-esque performance at Staples Center, the house #8 and #24 built. Again, if I may reiterate, they could have chosen to take the simpler and less painful path of grieving, and the whole world could have been completely fine with it. But as “STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMEN”, they chose to swim against the waves and defy all the norms, henceforth, sharing their grief with us and letting us know that they’re gonna be alright.

Fast forward to 5:23 to watch her slay Nipsey’s lifetime tagline)

Indeed, a woman’s worth can be defined in many ways. Holding it down for the family, seeing the world all by herself, being a single mother, completing a Master’s Degree and a Ph.D., you name it. These are wonderful traits and actions that define the “strong independent woman”, but what separates these 2 LA Queens from the rest of the pack is their bravery to cope with the deaths of these worldly renowned figures and their very own husbands. To be honest, they don’t get equal, if not, most of the credit that both Nip and Kob have gotten from all over the world. Today, it’s totally different. No, I’m not here to disrespect the fallen legends’ legacies all of a sudden. Rather, in the spirit of International Women’s Day, I’m making it a point to share, heck, give the spotlight 100 percent to these 2 wonderful women who’ve been through hell and back these past few months. If there’s anybody that deserves our love, respect and support, it’s these two ladies. After all, as Groucho Marx says, “Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife.” Lauren London and Vanessa Bryant, y’all truly are Los Angeles’ Divine Feminines. The Mamba Mentality Marathon Continues.

Yours Truly,

D.E.L. R.O.


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