MAY I Tell You about My Favorite Month

Ctto: Photo not mine

Disclaimer: No puns were intended in the title and the rest of this blog post.

Let’s keep it real and be honest with ourselves. We’ve completely lost track of the days. Sure, for most of us, work still continues. However, being cooped up in our respective homes for an extended period of time is something that requires “getting used to”. It has been almost two months since the Enhanced Community Quarantine took effect and only God knows how long this will last.

So while we’re in the middle of something unknown, I’ll let you guys in on a little secret, something certain in this time of uncertainty. May is one of my favorite months of the year. It surely is up there together with my birth month (November) and the holiday season (December). As a kid, I dreaded this month just because of the mere fact that school is about to start again. But as I grew older, my perceptions of seasons also changed.  During my college days, May signified the start of my summer break, and not its end. School-related circumstances notwithstanding, I really loved this month. The rain that pours outside my window even though it ain’t the rainy season yet cools me off, both literally and mentally.

May is also a special time for our family. To be more specific, next week will be ultra special. It’s Mother’s Day, my Dad’s 40th Birthday (LOL just kidding), and my parents’ Mamba Wedding Anniversary (24th).  On a more personal note, May 2019 was the month and year I finished not just College, but also schooling (that remains to be seen though whether I decide to pursue Masters and beyond or not). It was at this time last year when I completed all my requirements, meaning all I was waiting for was my turn at the stage (don’t worry Batch 2020, y’all are gonna have that opportunity. It’s just a matter of WHEN, not IF).

To my disMAY, this May (see what I did there) will be quite different from the previous ones and more similar to the past two months. Every day has been almost identical to one another, which is honestly quite ironic given how completely different this particular time in our history has been. On a more personal note, this particular month means it’s been a year since I graduated from College, as mentioned earlier. Little did this fresh graduate know what would hit him in the succeeding months.  I won’t enumerate them all. I’ve done this way too much in my previous works.

I’ve got news for you guys though. May will still be my favorite month. Yes, you heard that right. No quarantine ain’t gonna stop me from doing the stuff I truly enjoy. Whether it’s pulling up with these video games, pursuing more voluntary work, finally getting regularized (knock on wood), putting smiles on people’s faces, and of course, celebrating that special week I was referring to above. I’m doing all these and then some. Ergo, YOLO.

So will May still be my favorite month despite everything that’s been goin’ on? Heck yeah!! As much as I’ve been seeing tweets about how awful 2020 has been, maybe the month of May could be the breath of fresh air we all need right now. The rains brought about by Agua de Mayo may supply us with much needed thirst-quenchers, bringing relief to the physical, psychological and spiritual droughts from which our bodies and souls have been reeling.

May the 4th be with us, neither just on this day (May 4) nor this month alone, but for the rest of the year. Trust me, we’all are gonna need it.

Yours Truly,

D.E.L. R.O.


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