The Alternative Dream Put On Hold

It’s the silver linings that make the hours golden.

– @jakedelro112897

I know. Waiting is hard. I’ve talked about it over and over in some of my posts, regardless of what that topic was about. I just wrote about the dreams, visions and plans that I laid out for 2020, so having to wait some more is hard fam. And you know what the worst part is? Seeing your dreams get temporarily squashed before your very eyes is so gut-wrenching to the heart. But that’s the thing, it’s temporary, not permanent. These dreams of yours will still happen. They just gotta be “put on hold” for now. I’m no stranger to this.

You’d think I’m crazy if I told you that I was able to land my first job ever during a time where a global crisis is happening. In fact, my dad even gave me a stern warning that my “unemployment” season could possibly be extended due to various lockdowns happening all over our society. It wasn’t heartbreaking for me to hear this. Rather, it was prolonged frustration within me. I have been eagerly waiting for various organizations to reply back, but to no avail. Yep, this was, and literally is my welcome initiation to the “real world”. Until one day, someone goes,

“Hi Jake! Hope u and your family is doing well. Hehe, ask ko lang sana if interested ka mag volunteer sa  ______ (Just wanna ask if you’re interested to volunteer at _____)

*LOL imma keep my first employer and company’s name a secret. Hehe*


DAMN!! I must still be dreaming, right? Who in her wildest imagination would reach out to me for work in a time wherein majority of the workforce is severely affected by the community quarantine? But hey, as someone who’s not only desperate to experience work, but to help someone in need of volunteers in these trying times, neither did I hesitate nor think twice. I took the opportunity to help, and I was greatly rewarded. Not in the sense that I got my first paycheck just a few days ago (and btw, the pay was just ayt. Not too high nor too low). Rather, I found the overall experience of doing work rewarding in itself. Everything else in between were bonuses.

 This is one of many “success stories” in times of uncertainly, aka the “new normal”. If anything, this is such a humbling episode out of the many more impressive victories I’ve witnessed before my very eyes. This was truly one of the many “firsts” I’ve had in my belt since graduation.  From my first job interview, first drive @ EDSA, to now my first paycheck. So yeah, adulating ain’t all that bad. At that same token, I’ve seen the other side of the river, the one where dreams don’t come true. Since I mentioned that this has been a season of “firsts”, I experienced my first rejection too. The list goes on and on. Whether it is an unreleased song, a postponed, or worse, cancelled graduation ceremony, an email saying you didn’t pass the entrance test of your dream school, a firing of an employee due to unforeseeable circumstances, or even a one-sided relationship that never worked out in the first place, I’ve been both a witness and a firsthand-character in this chapter of “squashed dreams”.

The list goes on and on, but I’ve got news for you though. Maybe those dreams aren’t meant to go according to plan. The Man Upstairs did not intend to create this world for everything to go the way it should. Mistakes happen, delays happen and unfortunate events follow pursuit. But hey, our God is someone who believes in second chances, thus handing them out to us like candy. If anything, He’s just looking after us because He knows there’s something better bound to happen in His due time. The path to our goals was never meant to be perfect. There are supposed to be curveballs along the way. What matters though is we stay the course, regardless of whether we keep trudging on to the same path or taking an alternative route for success.

The world does not fall apart if Dream #1 is not meant for you. If anything, Dream #’s 2, 3 and beyond may be more apt for you. As my mom would keep gently reminding me, you’ll find your dream girl and profession in areas and time frames you least expect it. So, expect it. Expect to take uncomfortable detours on the way there. Expect tears after every heartbreak. Expect frustrating sleepless nights after a rejected idea. But enjoy all of that, because the end of tunnel will be rewarding for sure, regardless of whether it was the original script, or an alternative story, whether you were right on schedule or put on hold.

Yours Truly,

D.E.L. R.O.


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